At the University of Louisville, we do more than learn. We create. We ignite. We push. We make impacts that make a difference. Here, we unleash students’ potential to fuel their success while elevating society through our research and innovation. We build connections with our city that lead to transformation across the globe. And we do it all together. Because once a Cardinal, forever a Cardinal. Forever committed to helping a better world take flight.

Building better small businesses

Combining his education and connections from UofL’s Speed School with his passions for public speaking and community vitality, Alex Frommeyer engineered an entrepreneurial career focused on benefitting small business.

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Empowering others to excel

Read how mentoring helped Daydrianna Jeffries pursue a path of service.

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Accessing education to jumpstart his future

Read how Santiago Murillo is setting up his future without financial stress.

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Helping others smile

Read how Ariel Hernandez discovered he could impact lives.

Finding purpose beyond the court

Read how internships led Sasha Gorchanyuk to her future career.


Treating people with care

Read how Justin Eichinger gained the skills to treat patients more efficiently and effectively.

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Taking eating disorders personally

Read about Cheri Levinson’s mission to heal those battling eating disorders.

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Making connections to strengthen economies

Read how Will Metcalf turns ideas into action.

Optimizing academic opportunities

Read how Tomas Llano-Rios is poised to seek a job in industry.


Answering the call to educate

Read how Kara Ammerman is growing the next generation of leaders.

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Igniting passions for science

Read how Jerald Smith is taking experiments out of the lab and into the community.

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Filling a technology gap

Read how Chad Ellis is sharing STEM lessons with local students.

Leaning into Louisville

Read how two local icons helped TaShara Brown make an impact in her hometown.

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